Do you want to make a change in your town? Stand for election as a town councillor on 5th May 2022

Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge Town Council is going through a period of change and opportunity as part of local government reorganisation and the 2022 local elections.

Elections are a chance for people in the community to step up and be part of the change they want to see. The National Association of Local Councils’ Make a Change campaign calls on people, “especially those undiscovered community heroes – who are passionate about the local area – to put themselves forward to be elected to sit on a local (parish and town) council as a councillor.”

There are 10,000 local councils in England, with 100,000 councillors who give residents a voice on the decisions the council makes. There are 18 councillors on Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge Town Council and through their work in the community they can make a real difference in the future of the towns.

Sam Winter, Town Clerk, says, “The council is able to use the General Power of Competence, which allows it to do anything an ordinary person can do as long as that isn’t contrary to law. This power, when combined with the opportunities presented by the unitary reorganisation, offers an exciting challenge to those who are elected in May.

The council is in a stable financial position, so with imagination and drive, a new council will have the chance to choose the direction and priorities that most benefit the community – and Make a Change”.  

A vital part of the work of a town councillor is to engage with local people. It’s the role of the councillor to seek out direct engagement of residents, groups and businesses to find out their needs.

Working as part of the council, councillors will make decisions on the services and projects the council will take forward, and get involved to ensure those services are meeting the community’s needs.

People who want to improve the quality of life for their fellow residents are invited to see the election resources on the town council website and to stand for election on 5th May 2022.

Key dates:

Notice of election published – 21 March 2022
Nominations accepted from – 22 March
Deadline for candidates’ nominations – 5 April 2022
Statement of persons nominated published – 6 April 2022
Deadline to register to vote – 14 April
Close of postal vote applications – 19 April 2022
Polling Day – Thursday 5 May 2022
Count of votes and declarations of results for 110 councillors to the County of Somerset- 6 May 2022
Count of votes and declarations of results for town and parish councils – 7 May 2022

Elections are managed by Sedgemoor District Council. Further information can be found by following this link

Useful Information:


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