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13th July 2020 Town Improvements Report 8.

Report for councillors: To choose a Speed Indicator Device (SID) and agree initial locations prior to entering into agreement with Somerset County Council.
Issued to: Town Improvements Committee Monday 13th July 2020
Decision made to purchase one Speed Indicator Device (SID) in 2018 and recognised that the appropriate training would be required for working on devices on the roadside, no locations determined.

Financial implications


Budget Available      £1,000.00                  Code              4309 301

Speed Indicator Device supply and installation costs

Budget Available      £4,000.00                  Code              4983 501

Policy implications

4.4 Work with a range of partners to ensure the town centres and open spaces remain safe places

Options and recommendations:

The following quotes have been sourced using information from neighbouring parishes.  Each company have multiple devices which range in price – the prices quoted are the most cost effective in their range. All devices are portable and include multiple mounting bars to make the moving of the device between sites easier and quicker.  Additional batteries allow for a spare set to be charging when not in use, the length of time the battery will last, whilst in use, depends on the activity on the road and varies between 7 and 21 days.  The Council need to decide which device to purchase, company links attached for further research.

Quotes include:

1 x Portable Radar Unit (batter/solar compatible)

1 x Battery Charger (off site charging unit)


Software – data analysis

5 x Mounting bars (installed mounting bars at multiple sites for ease of movement)

Company 1: Westcotec (used by Berrow Parish Council)                 £3175.00

3 year warranty

Company 2: Radalux (used by East Brent Parish Council)               £2761.00


2 year warranty

Company 3: Elancity (used by Ashcott Parish Council)                     £1942.50

2 year warranty

All prices include delivery               All prices exclude VAT

Additional costs:

Ancillary items: padlock/jubilee clips/post protection for fixing are not included in the price.


Staff or volunteers moving the sign need to hold the – NRSWA Unit 002 – Signing, Lighting and Guarding operative qualification

Two staff members will soon be undertaking the appropriate training and this cost will come off the budget for this year at a cost of £195.00 per employee. 

Further members of staff may require training in the future – funds will be set aside for this from the above budget.


First and fore most the Council need to agree the locations for the SID alongside Traffic Management at Somerset County Council.  The attached table identifies sites with photographs which fall within the criteria required by Traffic Management

NB: Any sites considered, need to have a suitable post, if there is no existing suitable post there is an additional cost of £200 per post. The posts if existing need permissions to use.

Traffic Management approve the warning signs (existing posts) identified (sites 1/4/7/9/12/15/16/19) for use with the battery operated SID.

Highways Lighting has permitted the use of the existing street lighting columns providing protection is used to protect the galvanise and the height must not impede any cyclists/pedestrians (sites 2/3/5/6/8/10/11/13/14/17/18/20).

The suggestions in the table are following a circular route there are many more locations that the Council can consider in Highbridge and Burnham on Sea, following the necessary agreement and permissions from County Council as set out in agreement that will be entered into.

For information, where there is a Regulatory Sign (Speed limit, weight limit, one-way street etc.) we would avoid putting a SID device on to prevent any confusion for drivers reading the regulatory signage. 

Additional information:

The options within the report are suitable within the current SCC guidelines.

There is the option of a mains powered system, but these are more suited to permanent sites.

Some radar units are for use only by battery the quotes above are for solar compatible units but not including any solar panels as these take longer to move around sites owing to the solar panel and are at an increased working height off the ground, which needs a taller pole (4 metres) – but allows for this option to be added in the future.  The warning signs identified in the table would not be appropriate with the additional solar mountings.

Delivery of units are usually 3 – 6 weeks after purchase order is received although these may be altered due to Covid-19.

Report author:          Jacqui Strong – Project Officer Report Date: Monday, 06 July 2020

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