18th May 2020 – 12. Parish Regeneration Proposal Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference
Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge Regeneration Partnership

The Partnership will undertake works to plan for a single regeneration strategy for both towns in conjunction with principal councils and other professional bodies/advisor.
The Partnership will seek out and identify the specific needs in both towns and apply for funding to deliver those improvements. It will work alongside stakeholders to write and deliver a strategy to deliver the regeneration goals, the content of which will be recommended to the Council for approval via the Town Improvements Committee.
The Partnership will lead on initiatives to work with others to undertake community engagement in relation to delivery of a regeneration plan that will promote economic development, improved public spaces and improved infrastructure.
The Partnership recognises that close working with the principal councils and the Member of Parliament will be key to success.
The Partnership recognises that identification and inclusive, genuine engagement of stakeholders is vital to the success of goals, and will therefore maintain open communications and nurture all such links.
Initial core councillor membership should include members active in both Burnham & Highbridge.
The Burnham councillor membership will be based on the existing Burnham Evolution Partnership, who are already active.
Core representation for Highbridge will be sought through expressions of interest resolved by the group prior to its first meeting.
The Partnership will avoid becoming councillor-heavy and regular or occasional membership from non-councillors, as invited by the Partnership, will be included to fulfil identified skills & representation needs that might arise.
Links will be forged with Chambers of Trade and non-member businesses to ensure inclusive representation across both town centres.
The Partnership will include regular town and principal council officer representation, nurturing a close working with the principal councils.
Scope of delegated business
The Partnership has delegated authority to work with others and engage in community consultation exercises to explore and establish the infrastructure and service needs relating to joint regeneration for both towns in the parish. Delegation does not include the allocation of Town Council budgets unless already available under existing delegations or approved by the parent Committee or Town Council.
Subject to approval of the Town Council (via the Town Improvements Committee), the Partnership will be granted authority to proceed from preliminary works to the commissioning and implementation of works.
Adopted xx May 2020
Min ref: XX/20/TIMP

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