4th May 2020 – 6. Police Report

Unfortunately, as a force we are unable to use Zoom but due to shifts are the moment we would be unable to attend, however I would like to give you a bit of an update for the meeting from the Police.
It’s been a bit of a crazy start to the year to say the least!
In terms of local Neighbourhood Policing we have had our final reshuffle with the teams and we believe we now have a perfect balance of PCs and PCSOs spread across two teams in Sedgemoor offering a better service locally. In terms of Burnham/Highbridge and the surrounding areas we now have an increased presence working out of Burnham Station with beat managers and PCSOs working together bringing it back to the levels of 2 years ago.
Due to covid19 however there certainly has been a bit of change in terms of demand and in the most part we are handling that new demand very well. Officers are picking up a number of logs linked to people breaching the restrictions on top of daily services, we are attending most of these logs but please do bear with us because on top of more calls we are losing some of the team who have been forced to self-isolate. I am happy to report though that no one has been seriously ill and after initially losing a few members of staff they are now returning safe and well.
The community within Sedgemoor have been overall been sticking to the guidelines from the public and although we are seeing people out and about most are taking on board our words of advice with only approx. 2% of incidents resulting in a fine. Unfortunately, due to the location we are seeing a lot of out of town visitors still and that is something we are targeting at this time.
Stay safe
Kind regards,
Joe Piscina
Somerset West Neighbourhood Manager | Avon and Somerset Police
Bridgwater Police Centre, Express Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater TA6 4RR
Tel 01278 644469 | Ext 44469
Email Joseph.Piscina@avonandsomerset.police.uk
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