6th July 2020 Finance & Resources Report 5.2

Report for councillors:                 The costs of Covid-19 to the Council  

Issued to:                                         Finance & Resources Committee Meeting 6th July 2020

Purpose of Report to provide a breakdown of actual and projected costs of Covid-19


Please be aware that due to our current situation this subject is rapidly changing and the information contained may very well be out of date before you even get chance to read it.

Due to the current epidemic there has been and will continue to be additional expenditure that the Council has authorised.

It is projected that the additional cleaning, PPE and protective equipment will come to £4,046.50 for Council staff.

The current committed staffing cost of the road safety changes is £6269.33 up to July 8th. It is projected that the Town centre road closure will cost a further £12538.66 in staffing if this continues to September 2020.

The handyman was reinstated for one month longer than originally planned which cost £958.

The home working costs so far have totalled £400.72, this included zoom, ink and some one-off costs for PC cabling.

Financial implications

The projected cost until the 6th July 2020 is £7,618.47


The Council should agree what money is going to be used to pay for the additional costs of cleaning and PPE as there is not enough in the current budgets to sustain these costs. EMR report it is attached.

As councillors have been made aware, there was an expectation from Government that some Town and Parish Councils might need financial support from the CV19 support grant. However, SDC clarified that it requires parishes to first demonstrate extreme financial difficulty and look first to reserves.

Home working costs will come out of the relevant codes such as stationary and IT and the reduction in other costs will support those budgets.

Report author: Sally Jones, Responsible Finance Officer        

Report Date: 29th June 2020         

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