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Climb the waste hierarchy: reduce

The waste hierarchy has clear priorities: top of the list is reduce, next is reuse, and then comes recycle. So recycling is good and Somerset’s 56.2% recycle rate is excellent. But reuse is even better,

Tick, tock … clocks go back on 30th October

On Sunday 30th October the clocks go back one hour, a good excuse to check all those smoke detectors, batteries, bulbs, plugs and Christmas lights. Did you know ? All electrical items, low-energy bulbs with

Happy Halloween and bonfire night

All Hallows’ Eve and bonfire night are great opportunities for every family in Somerset to waste less and save money, cut plastic and recycle more, stay safe and eat better, and to even reduce their


On 17 October 2022 an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone was declared by the Government across the whole of England. This was because of the increased number of cases of the disease across the country. All


The price of energy rose again on 1st October and Burnham and Highbridge Town Council are keen to work with the community to develop a network of public warm rooms across the area to help

” Celebration of Youth” event

The Mayor of Burnham and Highbridge Town Council would like to recognise the young people in our towns who are showing themselves to be deserving of recognition through positive actions  . There will be a

Somerset Councils seek your views on trees

A consultation has been launched, the results of which will help influence what Somerset’s future landscapes will look like. Opinions are being sought from experts and non-experts alike. From people who deal with trees in

Warmer home for the winter?

Retrofitting is the process of making changes to a building to reduce energy consumption and emissions.  Retrofit should also bring the benefit of a more comfortable and healthier home. Examples of retrofit measures include the

Somerset Waste collections update: Friday 23 September

Apologies from Somerset Waste. The unplanned Bank Holiday on Monday has put additional pressure on collections. All collections have been a day later this week (standard Bank Holiday practice) with those originally scheduled for today

Collection of floral tributes

Residents of both Highbridge and Burnham on Sea left floral tributes at the flagpoles in both our towns as a mark of respect at the sad passing of our Queen, Elizabeth II. The Town Council

Climate and Ecological Community Workshop

Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge Town Council are holding a Climate and EcologicalCommunity Workshop on Saturday 1st October in King Alfred’s Academy from 2-5pm.Everyone is welcome to attend. Please register at admin@burnham-highbridgetc.gov.uk or telephone 01278 788088 by

Message from Somerset Waste Partners

Warning: summer collection delays. Apologies; resurgent Covid, staff shortages and hot weather’s impact on machinery and crews make unavoidable collection delays more likely in coming weeks. We will do our best to ensure rubbish and

Somerset Rivers Authority annual report

After three years on the Board of Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA), Cllr Mike Stanton is delighted to have succeeded David Hall as its Chair. He said “I’m grateful to him for his leadership over the





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