Return to on-site, face to face public council meetings

The Coronavirus Regulations as they affect local councils come to an end from 7th May, when we are required to return to on-site public meetings.

Any public attending a meeting will be asked on arrival to please follow all instructions from the town clerk and chairman given at the meeting and to:

  • wear a mask
  • use the hand sanitiser at the entry point
  • take a seat on arrival and remain seated at the set distance
  • leave promptly at the end of the meeting

Officers and councillors look forward to welcoming attendees in a safe manner.

All meetings of the Town Council are open to attendance by the press and public, unless the Council resolves to exclude them because a matter for discussion is confidential and therefore outside the public interest.

The Council allocates 15 minutes prior to consideration of the formal agenda to hear matters raised by the public. If you would like to speak at a meeting of the Council, or one of its committees, please let the office know by either phoning 01278 788088, or send an email to stating your name, the date of the meetings at which you want to speak and the subject matter of your enquiry. If we know what it is you want to speak about, we might be able to assist before the meeting or at least be in a position to respond at that meeting.

Please note that all meetings of the Council and its committees are audio recorded.

Meeting Dates