Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge Town Council

15th September 2021 – Planning Committee

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15th September 2021 7pm in the Council Chamber, the Old Courthouse, Jaycroft Rd, Burnham-on-Sea

Present: Cllr Andy Brewer (Chairman), Cllrs Julie Flurry, Nick Tolley, Sue Harvey, Louise Parkin, Bill Hancock with Lorna Williams (Deputy Clerk) in attendance.

Two members of the public were present and one member of the press.

102/21/PC     Apologies

                        Cllr Peter Clayton

103/21/PC     Declarations of Interest in items on this agenda & dispensations granted

Cllr Flurry declared an interest in Application 11/21/070 as her husband is member of BARB

104/21/PC     Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 23rd August 2021 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

105/21/PC     Formal announcements from the chair

                        There were none

106/21/PC     Public Participation

There were no speakers.

107/21/PC     Planning Applications considered

It was agreed by the meeting that application 52/21/016 – Land at Brue Farm, would be considered first on the agenda


Location:Land At, Brue Farm, Huntspill Road, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 3DE
Proposal:Variations of Conditions 3, 21, 28, 32 of Planning Permission 52/19/00001 (Hybrid (full and outline) application for the erection of up to 171 dwellings together with associated infrastructure, including provision of roundabout and public open space and seeking outline permission with all matters reserved for the erection of a primary school.) to reduce number of plots to 167 and associated layout changes.  
Case Officer:Bloor Homes South West/BDW Trading Ltd
Applicant:Mrs D de Vries

The meeting discussed the fact that lorries were causing havoc on the A38 by the site entrance near Buncombes Garage and to protect the local community the proposed roundabout further up the development should be built prior to the main development construction.  There was a discussion regarding the proposed removal of a specific requirement for additional tree planting included in Condition 21.

Comment: Support the application subject to no reductions to the tree planting programme due to the change in condition 21.

The Town Council would like to re-inforce their previous comments that the roundabout should be constructed at the earliest opportunity before further buildings are constructed in the interest of minimising traffic disruption.


Location:Burnham On Sea Rifle Range, Cassis Close, Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8 1NN
Proposal:Erection of single storey extension to the South elevation..
Case Officer:Mr L Evans
Applicant:Burnham- On- Sea Rifle Club

Comments: Support on grounds that by improving a local facility it is encouraging responsible use of guns in a controlled environment, subject to legal requirements.


Location:39 Stoddens Road, Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8 2DA
Proposal:Erection of single storey extension to the rear (NE) elevation.
Case Officer:Mr L Evans

Comment: No Observations


Location:22 Shelley Drive, Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8 2QD
Proposal:Retrospective application for the erection of rear (South) covered decking area.
Case Officer:Ms A Elvé
Applicant:Mr Campbell

Comment: No observations


Location:1 Brent Broad, Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8 2PX
Proposal:Erection of two storey rear (West) and single storey rear (West) extension on the site of existing conservatory (to be demolished).
Case Officer:Mr L Evans
Applicant:Mr & Mrs Mansfield

Comment: No observations

Cllr Flurry left the meeting


Location:Burnham Area Rescue Boat, South Esplanade, Burnham On Sea, Somerset
Proposal:Proposed connection of hovercraft washdown discharge to public foul sewer.
Case Officer:Ms S Parsons
Applicant:BARB Search and Rescue

The meeting commented on the responsible actions proposed by BARB to minimise environmental impact.

Comment: Support on grounds that there will be a reduced environmental impact on discharge rates.

Cllr Flurry re-joined the meeting


Location:12 Hawkins Close, Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8 2TN
Proposal:Erection of two storey and single storey rear (SW) and side (NW) wrap around extension on site of existing conservatory (to be demolished).
Case Officer:Ms A Elvé
Applicant:Mr J Cashman

Comment: No observations. Cllrs wanted it noted that because of the use of colours on the plans, namely Yellow, it made it really difficult to interpret the detail.



Location:19 Oxford Street, Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8 1LG
Proposal:Variations of Conditions 2 and 11 of Planning Permission 11/20/00040 (Erection of 4 No. Dwellings with parking and alterations to access including provision of parking for care home) to amend the approved drawings.
Case Officer:Mr L Evans
Applicant:Country Court Care

Comment: No Observations


Location:3 Westfield Road, Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8 2AW
Proposal:Erection of a single storey extension to the rear (North) elevation..
Case Officer:Ms S Parsons
Applicant:Mr P Barryman

Comment: No observations

108/21/PC     The meeting NOTED a request for a temporary road closure in Burnham-on-Sea for a Fireworks Display on Sunday 7th November

109/21/PC     Applications considered under delegated authority

The meeting NOTED that no observations were made to Licensing on application for the renewal of Pavement Licence until September 30th 2022 for May’s Café, 1 Abingdon St, Burnham-on-sea, Somerset TA8 1PH

110/21/PC     Correspondence from the Clerk

                        Application 11/21/033 – 36 Burnham Road was on the agenda of Development Control’s meeting 14/9/2021.

                        Since the meeting the result of the Decision has been published:

To DEFER the application to seek further clarity over the visibility splay dimensions and impacts on visibility from buses and the bus stop. Also to review whether the turning circle in the proposal is adequate. To report back to Committee by November 2021.

111/21/PC     Date of Next meeting

It was noted that the next meeting of this committee will be held on Wednesday 6th October 2021 at 7pm.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.10pm

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