Town Council Grants

The Town council has a budget for grants in 2021/22, which can be distributed to community groups, charities and local organisations according to our Grants Policy.

It has been agreed by the Council that each year they will support the Citizens Advice Bureau, this year they awarded £2,700 from the grants pot.

Grants awarded during 2021-22

-Burnham in Bloom: £432
-The Peoples Plot: £500
-Air Training Cadets: £537
-BOS & HB Karate Club: £553.87
-Sea cadets: £800
-BOS & HB Band: £900
-BOS BMX Club: £900
-Crosses Penn Community Sports Trust: £950
-Avenue Tennis Club Co Ltd: £1,000
-Burnham Retail Group: £1,000
-Highbridge War Memorial Trust: £1,000
-BEES: £1,178
-BOS & HB Carnival Club: £1,484
-BOS Chamber of Trade: £1,500
-BOS Motorboat & Sailing Club: £1,633
-Burnham United AFC: £1,933
-BOS Hockey Club: £2,000
-Bay Centre: £2,500
-BOS C & HB Community Centre: £2,500
-BOS Fest: £2,500
-Highbridge Youth Arts: £2,500
-Monarchs Acrobatic Gymnastics Club: £2,500
-Somewhere House: £2,500
-The Brickworks Studio: £2,500

Total: £35,800.87

We welcome grant applications and aim to ensure that public funds are used to benefit the residents in Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge

The Finance & Resources Committee considers all grant applications at two meetings during the year. Applications should be completed using the link to the online Grant application form .

Please ensure your completed application includes all the information requested. Applications that do not have all the information required by the deadline date will not be considered at the meeting, this will mean a delay in consideration of your application. If you have any queries in connection with the grant application please contact Elaine Dutton by email,

For all applications that were received by the deadline on the 2nd September 2022, they will be reviewed at the meeting held on the 26th September 2022.
The deadline for the next round of applications is to be arranged.

If you require funding for a project outside of these dates or are looking at match funding please find a selection of alternative grant funds here and here.

There are a selection of grants which are specific to the Queens Jubilee that can be found here 

Please note: we will not be able to fund projects that have already started or completed before the application has been considered.

Following the Finance and Resources meeting, the Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) will contact to you within 7 days to notify you whether your application has been approved. The RFO will confirm the amount awarded and any specific conditions that might apply.

The grant will be paid by BACs into the organisation’s bank account.

Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge Town Council reserves the right to reclaim the grant in the event of it not being used for the purposes specified on the application form.

We require a grant monitoring form to be completed to describe how the grant has been spent.

Grant monitoring form

The Council has supported many local groups and here is a summary of the grants awarded since 2020