The Town council has a budget of £35,000 for grants in 2020/21, which can be distributed to community groups, charities and local organisations according to our Grants Policy.

We welcome grant applications and aim to ensure that public funds are used to benefit the residents in Burnham and Highbridge.

Rapid Coronavirus Grant Fund

Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge Town Council has agreed to use its grant 2020 fund to address the Coronavirus pandemic in our community. The COVID-19 Grant Fund provides funding to organisations working with parts of our community who are disproportionately and adversely impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19).

There are two separate grants available through the Fund; one for less than £500 and one for applications between £500 and £2,000.

Visit the Coronavirus Page to view more details and to apply.

Age UK Somerset£1,767.00
Air Training Corps£300.00£589.95£323.88
Bay Centre£2,500.00£2,500.00
BOS & HB Army Cadets£415.00
BOS & HB Band£5,000.00
BOS & HB French Twinning£100.00
BOS & HB Fritzlar Twinning£250.00£350.00£750.00£900.00
BOS & HB Men's Shed£995.67£1,000.00£1,050.00
BOS Baptist Church£900.00
BOS BMX Club£4,000.00
BOS Chamber of Trade£3,500.00£3,500.00£3,500.00£4,500.00£4,000.00£975.00
BOS Community Theatre Group£2,000.00
BOS Events£950.00£4,450.00£2,520.00£2,450.00£1,100.00
BOS Fest£1,000.00£1,500.00£2,500.00
BOS Harriers£2,000.00£750.00
BOS Hockey Club£250.00£900.00£1,500.00
BOS Motorboat & Sailing Club£1,000.00£3,000.00£1,000.00
BOS Railway Heritage Group£200.00£100.00
BOS Swimming Club£590.00£1,692.50
Burnham & Highbridge Choral Society£250.00£250.00£350.00£800.00£1,000.00£900.00
Burnham Comic Con£1,500.00
Burnham in Bloom£200.00£750.00£750.00
Burnham United AFC£5,000.00£5,000.00£3,000.00
Cads Insurance£1,000.00
Citizens Advice Bureau£2,600.00£2,700.00£2,700.00£2,700.00£2,700.00£2,700.00
Cultural Arts Development Society£2,500.00£1,500.00£2,500.00£3,775.00
Donaton for Barn owl£100.00
Friends of Burnham Beach£300.00
Go Socialize£240.00
HB Youth Provision Networking Gp£350.00
Heritage Trail signs£1,500.00
Highbridge Chamber of Trade£2,500.00£2,500.00£2,500.00£3,000.00£3,174.60£2,500.00
Highbridge Community Hall Trust£1,500.00£500.00
Highbridge Community Youth Club£2,500.00
Highbridge in Bloom£500.00
Highbridge War Memorial Trust£1,100.00£1,480.00
Highbridge Youth Network£3,000.00
Hillview Juvenile Carnival Club£2,500.00£2,500.00
History Group£4,000.00
History Group additional signage£629.00
Huntspill & Highbridge Scout Group£2,500.00
In Charley's Memory£6,632.00£5,000.00£3,500.00
King Alfred Amatuer Boxing Club£2,800.00
Life Education Wessex£315.00£550.00
Litter Free Coast & Sea Somerset£500.00
Mendip & Sedgmoor Support groups£5,000.00
Mendip Community Transport£1,000.00£1,000.00£1,000.00£1,000.00
Monarchs Acrobatic Gymnastics Club£1,220.00£2,987.00£2,286.00
MS Therapy Centre£300.00£300.00
Rifle Club£2,500.00
Rosewood Action team£334.12
Sea cadets£400.00£500.00£600.00£1,000.00£2,000.00
Sea Dogs Festival£400.00
Sedgemoor Community Partnership£700.00£2,500.00
Sedgemoor Playday£1,250.00£1,250.00
Somerset Rural Youth Project£1,500.00
Somewhere House£1,500.00£2,500.00£5,000.00
St Andrews School£260.00
St Josephs School£100.00
Stert Island Swim£1,000.00£1,000.00
Sunlight Mental Health Library£260.00
The Peoples Plot£500.00£2,000.00
The Zone Youth Club£3,500.00£3,500.00
Vale of Avalon Vintage Vehicle Run£400.00£300.00
Walkers are Welcome£300.00
Wall of Silence (Southmead project)£750.00

The Finance & Resources Committee considers all grant applications received ten working-days before the appropriate Finance & Resources Committee meeting. All completed applications must be printed out for completion as they must be manually signed. Please ensure your completed application includes all the information requested. Applications that do not have all the information required by the deadline date will not be considered at the meeting, this will mean a delay in consideration of your application.

Grant Application Form

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic, the dates of the Finance & Resources meetings when grants will be considered are different in 2020. Applications not related to the coronavirus will now only be considered on Monday 21st September 2020.

Deadline for applications is 4th September 2020; this deadline will be strictly adhered to.

Following the Finance and Resources meeting, the Responsible Finance Officer will contact to you within 7 days to notify you whether your application has been approved. She will confirm the amount awarded and any specific conditions that might apply.

The grant will be paid by BACs into the organisation’s bank account.

Burnham and Highbridge Town Council reserves the right to reclaim the grant in the event of it not being used for the purposes specified on the application form.

We require a grant monitoring form to be completed to describe how the grant has been spent. 

Grant Monitoring Form