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Grant Monitoring Form

All grant applicants are required to fill in the Grant Monitoring Form, this is not meant to be an additional burden to groups that receive smaller revenue grants, but a way of monitoring the grant funding given by the Town Council.

The Town Council values the work carried out by all community groups.

If you are a group that received a revenue grant please tick the revenue grant box and fill in the revenue item section attaching copies of invoices relevant to your group to the amount given by the Town Council.

If your grant was for capital funding or for an event you will be required to maintain adequate evidence and records of all income received and expenditure incurred and have sound financial procedures in place. As a minimum these must include:

  • a bank account in the organisation’s name
  • the maintenance of a cashbook for recording all expenditure and income
  • all expenditure to be supported by vouchers, receipts and invoices
  • any deductions for tax, National Insurance from salaries
  • adequate records regarding the monitoring of the event, including photographs, and these must be available for inspection
  • financial accounts showing how the money was spent
  • outside scrutiny of accounts, either by independent examination or by a suitably qualified person or audit by a registered auditor

Privacy Notice  – The Town Council takes your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information as per our Privacy Notice

Please complete

Evidence of spending

Capital and Community Event Grants

What difference has your project/event made? Describe the difference your project or event has made to the organisation or community and the number of people who took part or benefitted from it:
What have you learnt? Give details of any achievements, unexpected outcomes and problems and how you tackled them. Also describe how you will use/share what you have learnt, or any changes you made to your project/event because of what you have learnt:

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