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Interment Application Form

This notice of interment is confirmation of a booking made by telephone, and must be forwarded, together with the payment to be received at least three days prior to interment, to the Deputy Clerk to the Committee, The Old Courthouse, Jaycroft Road, Burnham-on-Sea. TA8 1LE. No applications for interments can be received nor take place at weekends or on Public Holidays.

Deceased's Details
Interment Details
Grave and Details
New Grave Required (Exclusive Right of Burial)
Note: The person(s) named above will be registered as the grave owner(s) with the deed being made in his/her/their name(s). No memorial may be arranged and no further interment may take place without the signed consent of the grave owner(s) Purchased Graves, Regulations Covering Burial 1. The Exclusive Right of Burial is granted for a period of 30 or 50 years dating from the first burial.
2. No other flowers other than funeral flowers or flowers placed in a temporary stone memorial vase may be laid on the grave until six months from the date of interment. Seek advice from your Funeral Director.
3. No artificial flowers are permitted in the cemeteries, except Christmas and Remembrance Wreaths, which will be removed by staff after a suitable period.
4. Glass, ceramics, jars, ornaments, lanterns, wind chimes or other free-standing memorials are not permitted, and will be removed by the Caretaker and stored for collection.
5. In the Garden of Rest this rule includes any separate vases. Flowers are only permitted in the flower container set into the memorial.
6. Memorial kerb stones are not allowed as staff must be able to mow grass around a grave with no obstructions.
7. The Burial Committee reserves the right to remove any memorial, which does not conform to the design or dimensions which were submitted and which a permit was granted.
8. The full regulations will be sent to you by post and are also displayed at the main entrance to the Cemetery , the Caretaker is there to help or advise at any time, or you can call 01278 795111 between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday to obtain a copy.

The person applying for the burial must agree to these regulations and sign and date below:
Re-opening of a Purchased Grave
The following undertaking must be given where the Deed is not available or the grave owner is deceased
Hereby authorise the Cemeteries Supervisor to open grave no:
for the interment of the above named deceased, and I hearby indemnify the Burnham Joint Burial Committee against any cost, expense, claim or damage which they may incur as a result of this and acting on the authority I now give.

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