Halloween’s not been scared off this year

Halloween’s not been scared off this year

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Young Somerset says that although Halloween may look a bit different this year, there is still plenty of spooky fun to be had for families and young people, without breaking government guidelines and increasing the risk of transmission. Read Young Somerset’s tips on staying safe this year!

  1. Skip the ‘Trick or Treating’ – especially in big groups

‘Trick or Treating’ as we know it, may be off the cards this year as visiting people from another household or staying close together for hours on end brings with it a risk of transmission. But don’t worry there are plenty of other ways to embrace some ‘Trick or Treating’ fun!

2. Limit Face-to-Face Exposure

If you do go ‘trick or treating’ ensure your interaction at any given doorway is very brief, which means there’s less risk here. But the more households you visit, the greater the chance that germs may be spread and linger — especially as others head from door to door, too. We recommend wearing a facemask too.

  1. Avoid touching sweets, toys, doors and other surfaces

In addition to this, ensuring frequent hand washing (or using hand sanitizer) can prevent little ones from carrying germs home. Parents should be concerned if their child is likely to rub their eyes, pick their nose, or put their fingers in their mouth while out and about with dirty hands.

Young Somerset has some ideas for a Fang-tastic Halloween…

  1. Swap ‘Trick or Treat’ for a Pumpkin Trail

Many neighbourhoods are taking part in a pumpkin trail this year instead. To be part of the trail simply put up a picture of a pumpkin in your window. Then children go around the neighbourhood in their costumes to spot pumpkins from a distance. You can also reward children with sweets each time they spot a pumpkin.

  1. Watch a Scary Movie

There’s no more classic Halloween activity than watching a scary movie. Make a night of it by preparing some popcorn and sweets and setting a spooky scene.

  1. Halloween-themed Scavenger Hunt

Put together a scavenger hunt where children in a household are given lists of Halloween-themed things to look for while they walk outdoors, admiring spooky Halloween decorations at a distance.

  1. Host a Virtual Party

We’re all pros at hosting virtual get-togethers – pour a drink, put on a costume, and invite all your friends to a Halloween FaceTime or Zoom party. Or even turn it into a Zoom dance party – learn the “Thriller” choreography or do the “Time Warp” all together.

  1. Have a Spooky Feast

Create a stunning spread of spooky snacks that the kids have helped to make. No Halloween is complete without a custom witch’s brew mocktail. Freezing plastic spiders into your ice cubes will delight both kids and adults.

However you choose to enjoy your Halloween, please stay safe!

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