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1st December 2020 Princess Report 6.5

P V Cell Repair BackgroundSince their siting, the PV Cells have brought in an extra source of income to the Princess Theatre, aiding to satisfy

1st December 2020 Princess Report 5.

Business Development Officer Report01.12.20Whilst our doors are closed the PMC can rest assured a great deal of works are underway. We are spinning a lot

23rd November 2020 F&R Report 5.5

Purpose of report: to provide 3 quotes for the provision of telephone and broadband Background The Town Council’s current contract for telephone, broadband and Wi-Fi

23rd November 2020 F&R Report 5.3

EXPENSES POLICY ABOUT THIS POLICY1.1 This policy deals with claims for reimbursement of expenses, including travel, accommodation and hospitality.1.2 Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge Town Council will

23rd November 2020 F&R Report 5.1

Purpose of Report to provide an update on the No 67 bus Background The Town Council have been paying £5,500 for the No 67 Bus

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