12th July 2021 Town Improvements Agenda


To: The Chairman – Cllr A Hodge, Cllr J Keen (Vice Chair), Cllr P Clayton, Cllr S Barber, Cllr Dawn Carey, Cllr C Allen, Cllr P Harvey, Cllr N Tolley, Cllr M Murphy, Cllr M Facey (Ex-officio).

NOTE: all town councillors are invited to attend and join discussion on item 3

You are hereby summoned to attend the next meeting of the Town Improvements Committee to be held at 7pm on Monday 12th July 2021 at the Old Courthouse, Jaycroft Road, Burnham-on-Sea

In order to comply with public health requirements, all attendees are asked to follow instructions from the town clerk and town Mayor given at the meeting and are required to:

  • wear a face covering that fits over the nose and mouth (unless you have a medical exemption, when a face shield will be permitted)
  • use the hand sanitiser at the entry point
  • take your seat on arrival and remain seated throughout, at the set distance
  • leave promptly at the end of the meeting

Yours sincerely

Samantha Winter

Town Clerk

6th July 2021

A public participation session will be held prior the commencement of the formal meeting. Anyone wishing to speak on any matter should give notice to the Clerk by midday on the last working day before the meeting. No resolution can be made on any matter that is not on the agenda.

Please be aware that meetings are recorded


  1. To receive apologies for non-attendance
  2. To receive any declarations of interest on items included on this Agenda.
  3. To invite all councillors of the town council to discuss the proposed changes to the constituency boundaries and to agree a corporate response for submission to the Boundary Commission for England consultation (www.bcereviews.org.uk)

On disposal of the above special item (3), the meeting will return to consideration of matters by the town improvements committee members

4. To receive and approve the minutes of the Committee meeting held on Monday 17th May 2021

5. To note updates to the Action List

Motions for note/resolution

6.1To agree whether to proceed with the 2021 fireworks display and agree any date for the event (report provided).  
6.2To receive a list of potential seafront repairs, identified as per min ref: 26/21/TIMP, and agree how to proceed with regards to the projects and any approval for change of CIM budgets under the Burnham Evolution Plan. (report provided).  
6.3To review the existing Regeneration Partnership (sub-committee) terms of reference.  
6.4To receive an update from Cllr Hodge on the awards of the HTAP (SDC) Burnham Business Support Fund (retail frontage improvements).  
6.5To receive an update form Cllrs Keen & Barber on the gardening competition 2021  
6.6To agree how to manage the 2021 Christmas lights switch-on/ event(s) and agree date(s).  
6.7To note the most recent Speed Indicator Device reports with associated traffic speeds and agree any future action (reports x2 provided).  
6.8To receive a written proposal from Cllr P Harvey that the town council commissions a public consultation exercise to gather data from residents, businesses, retailers, and tourist visitors on the future uses of Burnham High Street and surrounding shopping streets.  
6.9To receive suggested written proposals from Cllr P Harvey for control of access and vehicle speeds in Burnham town centre.    
6.10To receive an update on the work undertaken by the town ranger team (report provided).  
6.11To approve, in principle, that the Sedgemoor DC uses the Welcome Back Fund to provide flags for display on the decorative poles sited along High Street and town centre locations in Burnham.  
6.12To exclude press and public from item 6.13 due to confidential reasons relating to legal proceedings.  
6.13To receive a confidential update from the town clerk on the installation of a seafront play area.  

7. Financial Report, to receive the income and expenditure report for June 2021.

8. The next meeting of this committee will be held on Monday 13th September 2021

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