15th October 2020 Seafront enhancements sub-committee Agenda

Seafront enhancements sub-committee

To: Cllr M Facey, Cllr P Clayton, Cllr A Hodge, Cllr Dawn Carey, Cllr C Allen, Cllr P Harvey, Cllr M Murphy.
Please note that you are invited to attend a meeting of the sub-committee scheduled for 4:30pm 15th October 2020 via video conferencing.

Yours sincerely

Samantha Winter
Town Clerk
08 October 2020

This meeting will be held remotely using Zoom. The meeting invitation is:

Topic: seafront sub


Meeting ID: 962 3814 1066
Passcode: 966901

Please be aware that meetings are recorded


  1. To receive apologies for non-attendance
  2. To receive any declarations of interest on items included on this Agenda.
  3. To receive and approve the minutes of the Committee meeting held on 29th June 2020
  4. To receive an update on the funding position as regards match funding.
  5. To receive an update on the live elements of the Burnham Evolution plan (funding info enclosed):

• Signage (including fingerposts)
• seafront shelters
• lighting
• project coach (dedicated drop-off/collection point, hut & camera) (£12k)
• Seafront art (additional funding by HTAP)

  1. Next steps for play area
  2. Maintenance budget – how/when it can be spent
  3. Agree any recommendations to TIMPS

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