20th May 2019 – Finance & Resources

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 20th May 2019 at 7pm in the Council Chamber, The Old Courthouse, Jaycroft Road, Burnham-on-Sea.

Present: Cllrs Mike Facey (Chairman), Andy Brewer, Peter Clayton, Phil Harvey, Mike Murphy, Sue Harvey, Helen Groves, Chris Allen, Nick Tolley, Alan Matthews and Louise Parkin with Samantha Winter (Town Clerk) and Sally Jones (RFO) in attendance.

Twelve members of the public were present.

Public Participation                      

There were no requests to speak.

17/19/F&R     Apologies

Cllr Bill Hancock

18/19/F&R     Declarations of Interest   

Cllrs Murphy for item 22/19/F&R (item 4)

Cllr Brewer for item 22/19/F&R (item 5)

19/19/F&R     Review of Action List

Members reviewed the Action List & matters to be dealt with under this agenda.

20/19/F&R     Approval of minutes

                        The minutes of the Policy & Finance Committee (as previously titled) held on 11th March 2019 were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.

21/19/F&R     It was resolved to approve the Grants Policy.

22/19/F&R     The following grant applications were considered and grants approved:

  • Somewhere House                          £5,000
  • Citizens Advice Bureau                  £2,700
  • BOS Fest                                           £2,500
  • BOS Events                                      £1,100
  • BOS & HB Men’s Shed                   £1,050
  • BOS Motor boat & Sailing Club    £1,000
  • BARB                                                 £495
  • BOS & HB Army Cadets                 £415


23/19/F&R     Committee reports were received and noted showing the accounts for the period 31/03/2019 – 24/04/2019

24/19/F&R     The reserves opening balances and descriptions as at 01/04/2019 were approved

25/19/F&R     A report showing the accounting year end 2018/19 was received and approved

Broad Wharf Allotments

26/19/F&R     It was resolved that the Council will install signs to deter unauthorised access to the allotment site and will work with residents to implement license agreements to regulate access and parking.

It was additionally resolved that authorised users will be requested to close and lock the gates to the allotment site when access is not required.

27/19/F&R     It was resolved that Cllrs Facey, Clayton and P. Harvey will work with the Town Clerk & Admin Officer to agree action to discourage access by children to roofs of the Broad Wharf allotment sheds and to ensure the sheds are made safe through funding to a maximum £5,500.

28/19/F&R     It was resolved that signs will be installed at the Broad Wharf allotment site to deter unauthorised parking. It was additionally resolved that tenants will be requested to close and lock the gates to the site when access is not required.

29/19/F&R     The date of the next meeting for this committee was noted as 1st July 2019

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