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22nd May 2019 Planning Minutes

Present: Cllrs Brewer – Chairman, Harvey, Parkin and Tolley
Lorna Williams – Deputy Town Clerk, 7 members of the public and 2 representatives from the Press
13/19/PC Apologies for non-attendance
Cllrs Clayton, Gardiner-White & Hancock
Cllr Groves was not present
14/19/PC Declarations of Interest
Cllr. Harvey declared and interest in application 11/19/024 and would leave the meeting when discussed.
15/19/PC Minutes of the Planning Committee
The minutes of the Planning Committee held on 1st May 2019 were received and signed by the Chairman as an accurate record.
Members agreed with the Chairman’s suggestion of a slight alteration in the order in which the applications were considered.
Public Speaking Time
A neighbour spoke asking members to object to application 11/19/024. The plans show they would have a loss of privacy in their back garden whilst using the swimming pool and conservatory. There was an over-development of the site and out of character for the area. There were also Highway safety concerns. Also mentioned was the Design and Access Statement. The refusal in 2018 is referenced, but not the application made in 1989 which was refused by Sedgemoor and then at Appeal level by the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol.

16/19/PC Members considered the following applications
11/19/024 Location: 25 Rectory Road, Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8 2BZ
Proposal: Erection of detached dwelling and garage.
Case Officer: Shanta Parsons
Applicant: Mr Rogers
Members considered this application twice before and there appeared to be only minimal changes to the application. Their existing comments were revisited, and since listening to the neighbour would add the loss of privacy to their objections.

Comment: Members objected to the application on the grounds that site access would be detrimental to the safety of all road users. This particular stretch of road has a double tight bend and unfortunately there have been many accidents, some with very serious consequences. The volume of traffic using Stoddens Road has increased significantly over the past 10 years and the Town Council on occasions has installed a Speed Indicator Device and as a result lobbied to have road safety improvements made by way of traffic calming measures. Unfortunately Sat Navs are sending cars towing caravans down this residential road as access through to Brean which adds to the volume of traffic
It would be an over development of the site, as the plans show a very small amount of outside space which would be detrimental to the visual amenity and to the scale and character of the existing neighbouring properties.
Members added, there would be a loss of privacy to the swimming pool area & conservatory of the adjoining neighbour.

52/19/001 Location: Land At, Brue Farm, Huntspill Road, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 3DE
Proposal: Hybrid (full and outline) application for the erection of 171 dwellings to-gether with associated infrastructure, including provision of roundabout and public open space and seeking outline permission with all matters reserved for the erection of a primary school.
Applicant: BDW Trading Ltd
This was the second time members have considered this application. There didn’t appear to be any changes to the application that had addressed their objections. When considering the site layout there was a change to the storey height of two properties they would like to see to address possible overlooking.
Comment: Members would like to add to their previous objection below by including an objection on the layout; plots 25 & 26 are 2.5 storey houses and are overlooking houses 51 & 53 on the A38 and are out of keeping with adjacent properties. Members would like to see these 2 x 2.5 story houses be moved to another position on site.
Members Objected to the outline application for the school on the following grounds:-
Road Safety – the proposed access directly to / from the A38 Main Road, which is a major arterial road, is likely to lead to traffic congestion around school start and finish times thus presenting a significant road safety issue caused by cars stopped or parked on both sides of the road when parents are dropping off / picking up children.
Health and Wellbeing – the proposed location of the school is likely to suffer from re-duced air quality due to its close proximity to the A38 Main Road, particularly when the A38 is very congested. This will have an adverse effect on children’s health causing asthma etc.
Access via sustainable transport – considering that the catchment area for the new school is likely to include Highbridge the original proposed location on the East side of the development would be more appropriate for pedestrian and cycle access.
We agree with the comments of the Parks and Open Spaces Officer that development does not appear to comply with the requirements for Local Areas for Play and Local Equipped Areas for Play.
However, members accepted the main application in principle as the layout and density is consistent with previously consented phases. The development appears to be complying with the parking standards but Members would like to see additional provision for visitor parking.
Overall the Town Council is objecting to this application.

11/19/036 Location: 15 Maple Drive, Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8 1DG
Proposal: Installation of window to first floor side (West) elevation and rear roof-lights.
Case Officer: Denise Todd
Applicant: Jones
Comment: No Observations

11/19/044 Location: 75A Worston Lane, Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8 1LZ
Proposal: Variation of Condition 2 of Planning Permission 11/18/00019 (Variation of Condition 2 of Planning Permission 11/17/00019 (Erection of a replacement dwell-ing) to amend the approved drawings) to amend the approved plans to allow for a raised platform and steps to the front and side of property.
Case Officer: Shanta Parsons
Applicant: Mr and Mrs Walker
Comment: No Observations

11/19/045 Location: Advertising Display On Bus Shelter, Market Street, Highbridge, Somerset
Proposal: Display of 1 internally illuminated double-sided digital panel fully integrated into the bus shelter.
Case Officer: Shanta Parsons
Applicant: Clear Channel UK Ltd
Comment: Members Support on the grounds that the new signage would improve the local amenity and the illumination aid public safety.

11/19/048 Location: Land At, 47 Oxford Street, Burnham On Sea, Somerset
Proposal: Variation of Condition 1 of Planning Permission 11/11/00100 (Variation of condition 9 of Planning Permission 11/03/91 to allow service deliveries on Sundays between 0900 and 1800) to allow service deliveries on Sundays and Bank Holidays between 0700-2000.
Case Officer: Shanta Parsons
Applicant: Brady-Hooper
Comment: Members Objected to the application. Members were in full support of the Planning Officer who had previously stated that the restricted delivery hours on Sundays and Bank Holidays was to protect the amenity of local residents.

17/19/PC Members considered the Public Path Diversion on Footpath AX32/35 at Brue Farm and had no comments to make.
18/19/PC Correspondence/ information

Members noted that application 11/19/027 –Reed Arms was on the agenda of the Development Controls next meeting on 28th May
Members were in agreement to delegate to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman application 11/19/052 – 58 St. Mary’s Rd. This falls within the Terms of Reference & Delegation Scheme for this committee.

Date of next meeting: Members noted that the next meeting of this Committee would be held on Monday 17th June 2019 at 7pm in the Council Chamber, The Old Courthouse, Jaycroft Road, Burnham-on -Sea.
The Chairman closed the meeting at 20:15pm

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You must meet the following criteria for your application to be considered:

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