28th May 2020 Extraordinary Town Council Minutes

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 28th May 2020 at 7pm by video conferencing

Present: Cllr Mike Facey (Chair) and Cllrs Andy Brewer, Bill Hancock, Andy Hodge, Chris Allen, Peter Clayton, Phil Harvey, Sue Harvey, Rich Gardiner White, Janet Keen, Alan Matthews, Louise Parkin, Nick Tolley, Colette Winfield with Sam Winter, Town Clerk.

1 member of the public was in attendance

74/20/TC        Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs Sue Barber, Dawn Carey

Cllrs Helen Groves, Mike Murphy were absent

75/20/TC        Declarations of Interest in items on this agenda & dispensations granted


76/20/TC        To receive a report on the provision of Christmas lights in both towns and agree the procurement process and budget for the supply of Christmas lights on a hire contract.

The meeting received a report from the Town Clerk on the Council’s options & budgetary positon for lights provision in the towns of both Burnham & Highbridge. The meeting discussion centred on the preference to have equality in lights provision for both towns and the perceived efficiency & peace of mind in appointing a single experienced provider to undertake all associated functions, procured through expressions of interest and tender submissions via Contract Finder. It was noted that the one-off repair costs to existing infrastructure and professional fees were budgeted to a maximum £7k, which would be in addition to the lights display.

It was proposed by Cllr Clayton and seconded by Cllr Allan, that the Town Council enters into a formal procurement process for the provision of Christmas lights (to include all associated installation, dismantling, testing) across both towns for a period of 3 years at an annual contract sum to a maximum £18k per year.  

It was resolved to approve the motion.

It was further resolved that a working group will be formed with Cllrs Parkin, Hodge, Gardiner White, Allan, Clayton, Facey, Hancock, who will be available on 28th, 29th & 30th July to participate in presentations and interviews of prospective contractors and to make recommendations to the Town Council for the award of any contract.

77/20/TC        The next scheduled meeting of the Town Council is 22nd June 2020

The Chairman closed the meeting at 19:42hrs.

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