8th June 2021 Princess Management


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 8th June 2021 at 7pm in the council chamber, The Old Courthouse, Jaycroft Road, Burnham-on-Sea.

Present: Cllr Louise Parkin (Chairman), Cllrs Peter Clayton, Julie Flurry, Phil Harvey, Andy Brewer, Nick Tolley, Mike Murphy, Mike Facey (Ex-officio) with Sam Winter (Town Clerk) and Beccy Armory (Business Development Officer) in attendance.

Two members of the public were present.

Public Participation

There were no speakers.

35/21/PMC    Apologies

                        Cllr Dawn Carey.

                        Cllr Winfield’s apologies were received via Cllr P Harvey

36/21/PMC    Declarations of Interest in items on this agenda & dispensations granted

Cllr Murphy declared an ‘other’ (non-pecuniary) interest in item 41/21/PMC

37/21/PMC    Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on Tuesday 13th April 2021 were approved and signed by the chairman as a correct record.

38/21/PMC    Action List

                        The Action List was noted.

39/21/PMC    To receive the report of the Business Development Officer

The meeting heard that the staff team are excited about reopening the doors and sharing the impressive transformations from the external grant funded refurbishments, along with Hellend’s Kitchen. It was noted that regular users are enthusiastic and many were quick to return for tours, inductions and to resume work.

Motions for note/resolution

40/21/PMC    To receive recommendations and agree changes to current pricing.   

The meeting heard that it was not proposed to change pricing but to ensure improved transparency by clearly stating from the outset all charges to hirers, including those of the technician that have previously been unclear.

It was confirmed that the proposed pricing structure for community groups would continue to include recharging them for specialist services paid for by the council, such as tech support. The meeting heard that community groups benefit from reduced rates and that they recognised re-charging for specialist services is expected industry standard, with some requesting training from the Princess staff to assist with developing those skills.

The meeting was reminded that the committee had agreed (min ref: 06/21/PMC) that volunteers will be given free membership to the theatre so they will not pay a booking fee when buying tickets, as well as receive reduced rate tickets. Members of the Friends of the Princess pay a nominal amount by way of donation and also receive a discount on booking fees, this is no longer open to the wider public as the new theatre membership should supersede any membership purchases.

It was unanimously resolved to adopt the proposed, transparent pricing structure.

Cllr Murphy left the meeting

41/21/PMC    To receive a report from the BDO regarding the current agreement with the Princess Theatre Company and agree a way forward.

The meeting was reminded of an outstanding action relating to the committee’s resolution (min ref: 21/19/PMC) to meet with the Princess Theatre Company to explore the existing arrangement and consider whether there are any tangible benefits to either party. The existing arrangement includes the town council’s gift of free rehearsal and performance space to the PTC.

Discussion included an observation that the function of the Princess is not to be solely an entertainment venue, but to also promote the artistic talent within the community. There was agreement that the facility should be equally available to other groups who might also be interested in forging creative links with the theatre.     

It was unanimously resolved that the BDO will proceed in holding discussions with the PTC and other groups to review all participation events and classes according to the required criteria within the Arts Council Let’s Create strategy, which will be implemented across the programme.

42/21/PMC    To consider and agree the future vision and aims for the Princess

The meeting considered a report from the BDO and unanimously resolved to adopt and publish proposed aims of the theatre, subject to additional key dates being added to the Historical section and an amendment to state that the Princess is, ‘at the heart of Burnham-on-Sea, Highbridge and the local area’.

43/21/PMC    Financial Reports

The financial reports were received noted, with a requested that the RFO confirms to committee members the precept value shown.

44/21/PMC    Date of Next meetings

It was noted that the next meeting of this committee is scheduled to be held in the council chamber on Tuesday 17th August 2021 at 7pm.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 19:47

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