27th April 2020 Finance & Resources Committee – 5.4 Formation of Relocation Sub-Committee

Briefing Note for councillors: To formalise the relocation working group for the purposes of pursuing discussions regarding the acquisition of the former SS&L building.

Issued to: Finance & Resources Committee Meeting 27/04/20

Purpose of Report

To make recommendations that will enable the Council decision-making process to remain lawful and transparent.


The Town Council, by minute ref: 39/20/TC, resolved that it intends to enter into formal discussion with SCC on the potential purchase of the SS&L and that this discussion will be conducted by the Town Clerk alongside the relocation working group.

The resolution delegates authority to act to the Town Clerk, but it also makes clear that the Town Clerk will work alongside the working group. In order to ensure the working group itself has lawful authority to act, it is recommended that the group is formalised as a sub-committee.

The Council itself cannot appoint a sub-committee because the Council is not a committee. Whilst the Finances & Resources Committee has responsibility for property under its terms of reference, it follows that it should formalise the work of the relocation group.

Financial implications


Policy implications

Corporate Pillar 1: Engagement, Visibility and Transparency

1.2 Providing strong, clear and responsible leadership at councillor and council officer level 2 Terms of Reference & Scheme of Delegation


To appoint the existing relocation working group as a formal Relocation SubCommittee of the Finance & Resources Committee. In order to reflect the intention of the full Council, a terms of reference should apply to the group to authorise it to ‘agree to make any decisions about future sites as long as those decisions stop short of entering into any contracts or incurring financial commitments.

The members of the sub-committee will continue to be, Cllr Andy Brewer, Cllr Peter Clayton, Cllr Phil Harvey, Cllr Mike Facey & Cllr Mike Murphy.

Report author: Sam Winter, Town Clerk

Report Date: 9 th March 2020

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