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Report for councillors Victoria Quarter Archway
Issued to Town Improvements Committee Improvements Committee Meeting 18/05/2020
Purpose of Report
To update the council about the outstanding (2015/17) Victoria Quarter Archway for the High Street as part of the Tesco project for Burnham on Sea – Street Branding, and to make a decision regarding the future based on research that has been carried out by the Project Officer.
It had been recognised that footfall past College Street was lower than the rest of the High Street and to encourage people into the Victoria Street section of town a new Identity was suggested as being the Victoria Quarter. Reported in 2015 as:
“Iron Works for Victoria Quarter to expand the footfall to that end of the town”.
References to the project in minutes dating back to 2015:
August 17th 2015 Competitive tender process – street branding
34/15/TPC 3.5 To work with landlords & Highways permissions and licences
May 16th 2016 – Inv. 072 Scroller Metal Work £200.00 Deposit
26/16/TPC May 25th 2016 – cross street Iron Work £9000

  • Inv. 107 Scroller Metal Work £1500 (1st)
    NB: Structural engineer and designer/maker to have reviewed, adjusted and calculated load and stress ratings. Final designs to have been submitted and work shop time booked in.
    48/16/TPC 3.2 Cross street iron works – due to be completed soon
    November 24th 2016- Inv. 136 Scroller Metal Work £5000 (2nd)
    55/16/TPC December 7th 2016 – outstanding jobs: Victorian Quarter Sign
    70/17/TPC March 15th 2017
    Victoria quarter metal sign – structural survey was to be completed to confirm that the building would take the load
    89/17/TPC July 10th 2017- Installation expected September 2017
    August 2nd 2017 – Site Visit by Structural Engineers, followed by a letter August 3rd 2017- Building Assessment
    110/17/TPC August 21st 2017- supplier had said September but not installed
    action – chase supplier
    December 4th 2017 – Invoice 234 Final Payment £2500 (3rd)
    NB: Request was made for delivery address ASAP
    123/17/TPC December 6th 2017 – noted that office was chasing installation date
    January 2018 – nothing in the minutes or any communication until 2019
    Project Completion
    The project has been ongoing since 2015 and in total to date (2017) £9416.00 has been spent in the creation of the archway. To complete this project there are a number of considerations to take into account and decisions that need to be agreed with cost implications:
    Scroller Metal Works
    There is still no completion date. The Metal Works company now find themselves having been moved from their address in 2019, with no permanent workshop and the archway currently in storage. I have asked for an estimated time to complete and confirmation of the current cost for painting and installing the arch.
    I tried to make contact with the metal work company in November 2019 and sent an email to which I received a response in January that stated they had moved out of their site and were seeking new premises due to some financial issues. They stated the sign is safe, but due to the change of the final appearance, the side supports still need some work once the amendments that were previously suggested are finalised.
    Since the email response was received I have tried to contact the company 4 times on email which he advised was the preferred method, with no response to either questions about the paint/fixings/alterations or a visit to view the archway.
    Planning permission was not applied for when the sign was started in 2015 and so has not been agreed. It does not fall within permitted development so therefore the Council would need to instruct someone able to produce:
     Location plan
     Block plan
     Street scene elevations viewed from the west and east directions
     North and south elevations of the archway
     A planning statement
    The colour choice has yet to be decided and the structure has been galvanised which if being painted may need to be removed and would incur more cost. Colour sample cards are available with a marine grade paint for durability – discussion will be needed with SCC Highways. Consideration might be needed about any impact on the large carnival floats. Carnival organisers have confirmed they were not consulted on the sign.
    Licences and approvals
     Highways licence
     Street closures for installation
     Written Legal agreement with the Landlords/tenants of business premises. A verbal discussion has taken place with shop owners/tenants in Taste of the Orient and Material Needs who approve of the idea but expressed concerns about the installation (how/where/weight etc)
    CCTV were not consulted in 2015-17 on the potential installation and have now highlighted that the sign will obscure one of the cameras on the junction with Victoria/Regent/High Street. Decision needed regarding either accepting this obstruction in continuity or investing in a new Camera. The solid metal sign was, in 2017, suggested to be fitted between Taste of the Orient and Material Needs but there is nothing in writing to confirm permissions or any agreement.
    Financial implications
    Quote for production of designs for planning £1500.00
    Quote for fabrication labour & test fit (Scroller Metal Works 07/2019) £2293.00
    Street Licence £ 250.00
    CCTV (estimate) £5000.00
    Paint (colours need deciding upon and appropriate paint grade) tbc
    Legal Costs – agreement between landlord/tenants & TC tbc
    Approximate completion cost £9293.33
    NB: This does not include the cost of the paint and the legal documents being drawn up.
    4946 304 Budget Code (Tesco Project) £9677 available
    The options available:
    A. Continue with the project, reviewing CCTV location, commence planning process, determine the colour choice and legal agreements between interested parties as costed above.
    B. Consider alternative locations for the sign – NB very specific wording
    C. Not to proceed any further with the project based on the lack of evidence and agreements showing project planning in 2015.
    Report author: Jacqueline Strong Projects Officer
    Report Date: 5th May 2020

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