1st December 2020 Princess Report 5.

Business Development Officer Report
Whilst our doors are closed the PMC can rest assured a great deal of works are underway. We are spinning a lot of plates currently with our plans to reopen in the new year. Our draft reopening plan is very much fluid and will have to adapt to whatever the pandemic deals us next, as many other regional theatres and arts centres. Adaptability is certainly a core skill to come out of the COVID-19 experience. However, we are confident that we will open in early 2021.

ACE Schools update
We have fully recruited a team of excellent creative education facilitators as well as a coordinators role. They are currently developing a future bid for regular educational workshops to engage with our local schools, specifically KS2 at this stage. They are also creating a digital workshop that should be delivered this year.

Membership feedback
We have given away all of our free memberships and also achieved a good yield in terms of new members, the feedback has been really strong. There is also a scheduled Christmas marketing campaign for memberships and Gift Vouchers as presents over the coming weeks.

Update on Refurb
You have all seen the site reports from our Project Coordinator, but being on site and seeing all the wonderful changes is a real delight – it is truly a project the full council can be proud of especially with the planned changes to other areas of the building. It really speaks volumes about a new era for the Princess and her future as a Burnham and Highbridge Town Council cultural asset.

Return to the Business Plan
At this stage I plan to revisit the document that was previously started and make some headway so that on our return in the new year there will be a draft 5-year plan for the PMC to review. We now have to view 21/22 as an interim year, a year for recovery.

Volunteer recruitment
We have maintained a steady influx of interest in volunteering for the Princess, as we move through December our recruitment drive and reengagement of previous volunteers will begin. We have continued throughout 2020 to contact our current cohort of volunteers and plan to hold a digital Christmas meeting with them over the coming weeks
Cultural Recovery Fund update Agenda item 5
ACE announced last week that they accept planned activities put in applications for the CRF will have to adapt due to the current lockdown measures. As a result, we are now allowed to replenish our reserves up to 12 weeks’ worth of turnover = £36765. Therefore, any underspend on our planned works will go into unrestricted reserves in addition to our ear marked.
To date: we have purchased tablets and contactless ticketing equipment, quotes are in for the re-siting of the desk and the auto doors. PPE and fogging equipment is now on order. Technician recruitment and interview will happen this week.

There are now 3 quotes in we are currently undertaking the necessary research to ascertain the ownership of said wall.

Regular Users and Key holders
We have maintained a strong relationship with regular users, specifically with our community groups, during this period of closure and needless to say they are all desperate to get back in to the building. We have implemented a clear key holder’s procedure and are currently putting together a Return to the Princess – COVID safe plan for them so they know what to expect on their return.

As we create our new normal for the Princess in the New Year we know we have a great deal to achieve, but we have huge support in our users, volunteers and customers. The year ahead will be one of recovery and development, with a clear focus on reporting our impact and quantifying our results.

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