Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge Town Council

1st December 2020 Princess Report 6.5

P V Cell Repair

Since their siting, the PV Cells have brought in an extra source of income to the Princess Theatre, aiding to satisfy the fifth pillar of the Council’s corporate plan – The Town Council will seek to maintain and encourage opportunities and initiatives to create a clean and green environment.

The unit received its first service in January 19, whereby it was identified that one of the arrays was not working properly due to a smashed cell and issues with inverters.

The broken panel was replaced earlier this year, via an insurance claim, post annual service and the re-discovery of the above issues. However, it has also been identified that the system is under performing due to a faulty inverter that now needs replacing. We have been advised to replace the inverter to raise our ability to generate energy.

Financial implications
£2288.68 Cost of repair
Anticipated: 18,367 kWh since last service
Actual: 10,597 kWh since last service
Total System Generation: 69,305 kW

From the anticipated and actual energy generation, we can see that we are under achieving and as a result our potential income is lowered due to this drop in generation. The last time the system achieved potential was 17/18 when it generated an income of nearly £4000. 19/20 the system only achieved half that.

Policy implications
Corporate Plan
Agenda Item 6.5

  1. Economic Development and Tourism
  2. Clean and Green Environment

To maximise the income generated at this particularly difficult time, it would be wise to maintain our PV Cells to the highest standards to achieve full potential over the next few years. Repairing the inverter will allow us to receive a greater income in this budget line over the next few years, in a time when we need to relieve any pressure.
I recommend we pay for this from Princess property maintenance and renewals.

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