Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge Town Council



List of Payments 01-03-2020 – 31-03-2020

Date PaidPayee NameReferenceAmount PaidTransaction Detail
02/03/2020I-CleanSO27.11PT Windows
02/03/2020M J ChurchDD500.4Cemetery Waste
02/03/2020EEDD67.2Cem Mobiles
02/03/2020OptomanyDD10.7PT BO chgs
02/03/2020Water2businessDD1,467.84PT Water Rates
02/03/2020EDF EnergyDD33Market Stall
02/03/2020EDF EnergyDD55BR Cem Elec
02/03/2020EDF EnergyDD66BHM Cem Elec
02/03/2020EDF EnergyDD69Electric
02/03/2020Audience Systems LTDEBP784.8PT Full service and inspection
02/03/2020SteelcraftEBP264New Balustrade, handrail etc
03/03/2020Sedgemoor District CouncilEBP980Legal Fees for land Reg
03/03/2020Quick-SignEBP509.97TC Signs & fitting
03/03/2020Ellis WhittamEBP630Fees
03/03/2020Brake Bros LtdEBP163.38PT Cafe stock
03/03/2020Character GraphicsEBP228Whats on spring
03/03/2020Building Compliance LtdEBP300DECs PT and TC
03/03/2020PrePaid Card PETTY CASHPrepaid Ca1,755.08Prepaid Card
03/03/2020Morland HallEBP1,500.00Digital Library Service
03/03/2020Design HiveEBP3,048.00New TC website
03/03/2020SCC PensionEBP5,966.15SCC Pension
06/03/2020Pitney BowesDD100.74Franking machine Rental
09/03/2020Esso Petroleum Company LtdDD109.3Fuel
09/03/2020British TelecomDD34.08PT BT line
09/03/2020Esso Petroleum Company LtdDD-0.27Handman van
10/03/2020HMRCDD6,188.91PAY NI
10/03/2020Pozitive EnergyDD690.41PT Electric
16/03/2020J&R Food Service LtdDD91.2PT Cafe Stock
16/03/2020Crown Gas & PowerDD734.48Gas
16/03/2020Crown Gas & PowerDD389.51Gas
18/03/2020Thirsty WorkDD42.54Water Cooler
19/03/2020WorldpayDD56.25Web Card chgs
19/03/2020WorldpayDD62.61PT Card chgs
20/03/2020S WinterEBP153.25Expenses
20/03/2020Iris Payroll Solutions LtdEBP109.61Payroll
20/03/2020WPS InsuranceEBP8,149.31WPS Insurance
20/03/2020Microshade Business ConsultantEBP686.9IT hosting and support
20/03/2020DHD StructuresEBP570Scheme design pre tender work
20/03/2020Brake Bros LtdEBP87.46PT Cafe stock
20/03/2020L BrewerEBP57.29Travel to allots, training mee
20/03/2020Springboard ResearchEBP1,975.20Footfall Counters
20/03/2020Spansec SecurityEBP630Annual Intruder Alarm fees
20/03/2020Somerset County CouncilEBP5,500.00Route 67 Bus
20/03/2020WPS HallamEBP489.8Van Insurance
20/03/2020Somerset County CouncilEBP6,089.60Pension
20/03/2020GraddonsEBP572.49PT Cafe stock
20/03/2020Spotonsupplies (Hygiene)LtdEBP179.12PT Cleaning materials
20/03/2020Laura’s customised cateringEBP75PT Cakes
20/03/2020Spotonsupplies (Hygiene)LtdEBP29.24PT Cleaning
20/03/2020LyrecoEBP68.77Stationary and Coffee
20/03/2020ViridorEBP204.42Trade Waste
20/03/2020Genius EventsEBP150RE Sedgemoor Chairmans Gala
20/03/2020Hoge 100 Business Systems LtdEBP24.48PT Web trans Hoge
20/03/2020Hampshire Flag CoEBP563.4Highbridge Flag pole service
23/03/2020Apogee Corporation LtdDD68.21PT Photocopier
23/03/2020EDF EnergyDD38.22HB Clock
23/03/2020Esso Petroleum Company LtdDD44.26Bham cem fuel
23/03/2020Pozitive EnergyDD104.95Electric TC
26/03/2020ITECDD779.09Phones and Photocopier
30/03/2020Esso Petroleum Company LtdDD38.03Deisel
30/03/2020EEDD67.2Cem Mobiles
31/03/2020Bank ChgCHG80.96Bank Chg
31/03/2020I-cleanSO27PT Windows
31/03/2020Sedgemoor District CouncilEBP207Qrty bus shelter cleaning
31/03/2020Sedgemoor District CouncilEBP298.26New Bin at Frank Foley
31/03/2020Spotonsupplies (Hygiene)LtdEBP100.62Cleaning mats
31/03/2020Sedgemoor District CouncilEBP199.28Additional grass cutting
31/03/2020Sedgemoor District CouncilEBP83.62Dog bin emptying cems
31/03/2020NisbetsEBP100.76PT catering equip
31/03/2020Malcolm StratfordEBP720Tech costs

List of Payments made 01-04-2020 – 30-04-2020

Date PaidPayee NameReferenceAmount PaidTransaction Detail
01/04/2020Cook Brown BuildingEBP300Cook Brown Inspection & assess
01/04/2020SJ Surveyors LtdEBP1,800.00SJ Surveyors Ltd
01/04/2020PrePaid Card PETTY CASHPP Card1,325.01Transfer to PP card
01/04/2020Local ReachEBP2,145.60BOS Covid Info pull out
01/04/2020DCK Beavers Accounting SolutioEBP474End of year health check
01/04/2020Parish OnlineEBP840Parish Online
01/04/2020Sedgemoor District CouncilD/D883.25Princess Rates
01/04/2020EDF EnergyDD5Market Stall Electric
01/04/2020EDF EnergyDD55BR electric
01/04/2020EDF EnergyDD66BURN elec
01/04/2020EDF EnergyDD69BR electric
02/04/2020M J ChurchDD232.2BC Trade Waste
03/04/2020Mr P ParfittEBP2,452.00Mechanical Digger
06/04/2020Community CouncilSO40Community Council membership
06/04/2020Fintec Asset FinanceDD315.68Photocopier rental
07/04/2020British TelecomDD34.08PT BT line
09/04/2020HMRC NI & PAYEDD6,116.84HMRC NI & PAYE
14/04/2020Crown Gas & PowerDD634.34PT Gas
14/04/2020Sedgemoor District CouncilDD602.58TC Rates
14/04/2020Sedgemoor District CouncilDD736.25BR rates
15/04/2020Bankline chargesCHG38.9Bankline charges
15/04/2020Ellis WhittamEBP3,180.00Annual Ellis Whittam fee
15/04/2020AUK SuppliesEBP19.2Windmill Cleaner
15/04/2020Microshade Business ConsultantEBP701.3IT and emails
15/04/2020ADT Fire & Security plcEBP51.98Maint TC access control
15/04/2020LyrecoEBP62.81Ink Cartridges
15/04/2020Design HiveEBP1,195.20Website fees for the year
15/04/2020GWilliams of EdingtonEBP4,625.00Equipment purchases
15/04/2020S WinterEBP95.67Travel to meetings and college
15/04/2020Ellis WhittamEBP274Insurance Ellis Whittam
15/04/2020LyrecoEBP76.68Stationary and Cleaning
15/04/2020Mynett Electrical LtdEBP57.39TC oustide light fixing
15/04/2020Iris Payroll Solutions LtdEBP109.61Payroll
15/04/2020Hoge 100 Business Systems LtdEBP16.92Web sales fees
15/04/2020ViridorEBP148.37PT Trade Waste
15/04/2020J&R Food Service LtdEBP230.72PT cafe stocks
15/04/2020Hoge 100 Business Systems LtdEBP-0.3Correction
17/04/2020Crown Gas & PowerDD377.28TC Gas
20/04/2020Thirsty WorkDD42.54Water cooler
21/04/2020WorldpayDD32.93Web  card fees
21/04/2020WorldpayDD73.22Card payment fees
22/04/2020EDF EnergyDD38.97HB Clock elec
23/04/2020Pozitive EnergyDD108.11TC electric
24/04/2020Pozitive EnergyDD789.91PT Electric 19-20
27/04/2020ITECDD690.1Phones and wifi
27/04/2020Otis LtdDD363.66PT Lift maint contract
27/04/2020ITECDD53.51Photocopier chgs
29/04/2020EEDD68.63Mobile sims
30/04/2020Bank ChgsCHG93.44Bank Chgs
30/04/2020S JonesEBP92Travel to college and ink
30/04/2020HMRCEBP2,025.68Part NI & PAYE payment
30/04/2020Investec Asset Finance PlcEBP458.4PT coffee machine rental
30/04/2020Steve Solomon Carpentry ServicEBP372BR door repairs and locks
30/04/2020ICCM membershipEBP95ICCM membership
30/04/2020Axe Brue DrainageEBP10.49Axe Brue Drainage
30/04/2020Somerset County CouncilEBP5,908.52Pension
30/04/2020L WilliamsEBP109.25Travel to meetings
30/04/2020TeleshoreEBP588.18Shoring equipment
30/04/2020I-CleanSO27PT window clean
30/04/2020WorldpayD/D874Various Ticket Refunds

Records Retention Schedule

Financial Risk Management Policy - March 2023

Grant Application Kings Coronation Form

The Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III will take place on Saturday 6th May 2023, with an additional bank holiday on Monday 8th May 2023.

We are keen to hear from groups/organisations in Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge that are looking to celebrate the Coronation. The Town Council has £1500 available to allocate to events being organised to celebrate the Kings Coronation. The maximum grant to be allocated per event will be £500.

You must meet the following criteria for your application to be considered:

– The event will be open to all members of the public

– The event will be free of charge

– The event will take place within the Coronation weekend

– The event will take place within Burnham on Sea or Highbridge


Applications will close on Monday 6th March at midday. 

Your organisation and contact details

What happens next....
Applications will be considered at the Finance and Resources Committee Meeting on Monday 13th March 2023. You will be notified after this date whether your application has been successful.
Burnham & Highbridge Town Council takes your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information for the purposes of contacting you about this grant. The Council’s privacy notice can be found here.

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