27th October 2020 Princess Management Report 5.10

Café/Bar Stock Report

Purpose of Report

To consider café consumable stock held and resolve a process for its disposal/use
Since the Princess Theatre and Arts Centre has been closed it has been unable to sell any of its stock. This has left an accrual of out of date stock.

Financial implications

£515 Out of date stock £778 In date stock
4054 Café Bar Exp enditure 1323 Café Income
RFO has completed a full stock check of all the consumable items held relating to the café on the 14th October 2020.

Policy implications

Financial Regulations

  1. Assets, properties and estates

i. To offer to sell the in date stock to a new lessee
ii. To offer out of date, useable goods to charity

Report author: Beccy Armory, Business Development Officer
Report Date: October 2020

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