6th July 2020 Finance & Resources Report 5.1

Report for councillors: Bus Route 67

Issued to:                                         Finance & Resources Committee Meeting 06/07/2020

Purpose of Report to provide details of the revenue and patronage in relation to the 67 bus



Since 2017 the Town Council has paid £5,500 towards a bus route between Burnham, Highbridge and Wedmore. The bus route is subsidised by all the parishes that it travels through.

Revenue and Patronage – 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020
MonthContractCash JnysConcession JnysCash TakenConcession Fare RevenueMonthly Totals
Apr-19Burnham – Wedmore70578£213.60£1,395.03£1,608.63
 Wedmore to Wookey Hole6591218£1,362.90£2,449.27£3,812.17
May-19Burnham – Wedmore51653£168.00£1,591.79£1,759.79
 Wedmore to Wookey Hole7781341£1,696.70£2,728.20£4,424.90
Jun-19Burnham – Wedmore62559£198.60£1,337.63£1,536.23
 Wedmore to Wookey Hole6771310£1,513.40£2,711.90£4,225.30
Jul-19Burnham – Wedmore73720£258.60£1,811.03£2,069.63
 Wedmore to Wookey Hole7001417£1,734.60£2,926.09£4,660.69
Aug-19Burnham – Wedmore61577£230.60£1,341.64£1,572.24
 Wedmore to Wookey Hole4961174£1,193.70£2,052.25£3,245.95
Sep-19Burnham – Wedmore70567£209.70£1,290.14£1,499.84
 Wedmore to Wookey Hole8331202£1,676.20£2,367.13£4,043.33
Oct-19Burnham – Wedmore90574£297.90£1,454.00£1,751.90
 Wedmore to Wookey Hole8181406£1,839.80£2,814.69£4,654.49
Nov-19Burnham – Wedmore66542£225.00£1,418.23£1,643.23
 Wedmore to Wookey Hole7611310£1,662.50£2,544.21£4,206.71
Dec-19Burnham – Wedmore58477£222.00£1,301.70£1,523.70
 Wedmore to Wookey Hole6261248£1,422.50£2,571.86£3,994.36
Jan-20Burnham – Wedmore63437£219.30£1,157.02£1,376.32
 Wedmore to Wookey Hole6571117£996.00£1,929.20£2,925.20
Feb-20Burnham – Wedmore45359£141.60£900.25£1,041.85
 Wedmore to Wookey Hole515992£865.00£1,800.87£2,665.87
Mar-20Burnham – Wedmore37309£116.40£736.55£852.95
 Wedmore to Wookey Hole425903£765.00£1,750.59£2,515.59
Totals     £63,610.87

Bus Service Costs 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020

Parish Contributions           £18,505.00

2018/19 Surplus                  £1,374.61

Wedmore to Wells Cost                                                     

255 days @ £160.00 =       £40,800.00                                                                                                   

Saturday Service Cost                                                                   

51 days @ £235 =               £11,985.00                                       

Burnham to Wedmore Cost                                                                       

255 days @ £143.27 =       £36,533.85                                       

Trial Saturday service (Nov-Dec 2019)                                                               

6 days @ £195 =                  £1,170.00      (excluded from total)                                   

Funded by S106 monies                                                               

Total Costs:                         £89,318.85                           

Total revenue to date (including contributions)  £83,490.48

Shortfall         £5,828.37

This year the shortfall of £5,828.37 has been paid by Somerset County Council.

The contributions per parish are currently:

Name of ParishContribution for 2019/20
St Cuthbert (Out)£3,300
Burnham & Highbridge£5,500
Burnham Without£1,000
East Huntspill£1,055
Wells City Council£2,200

The data from 2018-19 shows the total number of journeys from Burnham-Wedmore was 7249, which is an average of 139 journeys a week with the average subsidy per journey being £0.69.

The data from 2019-20 shows a total number of journeys from Burnham- Wedmore was 7098 (there were reduced journeys in February and March due to COVID-19) which is an average of 136 journeys a week with the average subsidy per journey being £0.70.

Financial implications

The current budget for the bus is £5,500 and it has been paid for this year 2020-21

Policy implications

Corporate Pillar 4: Healthy and Safe Environment

The Town Council will seek to provide and enhance facilities and resources to support and develop safe and well-connected towns


It is expected that  the Town Council will be asked to increase its contribution next year and the Council might therefore consider whether it is content with the existing bus provision in order to decide whether to continue with level of subsidy.

Report author: Sally Jones, Responsible Finance Officer        

Report Date: 26th June 2020         

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