Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge Town Council

6th July 2020 Finance & Resources Report 5.4

Report for councillors:                 Review the rapid Grants process and allocation of funds

Issued to:                                         Finance & Resources Committee Meeting 29th June 2020

Purpose of Report: To review the current rapid Covid-19 grants and decide how grants are processed going forward



On the 27th April 2020 17/20/F&R the Council formally agreed to implement a quick response grants administrative system in order to react quickly to groups that may require funding relating to Covid-19. This system is still in place and to date we have had just one application for £500 which has been granted.

Since lockdown there have been three other requests for grants, one was for running costs which has been resolved and two are for refurbishment costs for a halls as they would like to do the refurbishment whilst they are closed and have lost income due to Covid-19. These are not emergency situations that would fall under our current scheme.

It is important to think about how much of the grants budget is awarded at the next grants meeting in September and to decide whether a portion of the grant budget should be kept aside in case of a further Covid-19 spike that may happen during the winter period.

Financial implications

Total grants budget £35,000

Remaining £26,136.46 after pre-existing commitments

4761 107 Budget Code

Policy implications

Scheme of delegation amended by min ref: 48/20/TC

Corporate Pillar 1: Engagement, Visibility and Transparency

1.2 Providing strong, clear and responsible leadership at councillor and council officer level & 1.4 Ensure responsible financial management and clear direction in all aspects of the Council’s responsibilities.

Corporate pillar 2: Culture and Community

2.3 Providing financial support to community events and organisations


Option 1. To stop the Covid-19 grant scheme and revert to the standard grants process with the next meeting being 21st September.

Option 2. To continue with the Covid-19 grant scheme until 7th September which is 10 days before the grants meeting on 21st September when the standard grant process would apply.


To consider whether an amount should be set aside out of the grants budget in case of a potential Covid-19 spike over the winter.

Report author:          Sally Jones, Responsible Finance Officer          

Report Date:               26th June 2020

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